Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond busted for suspected meth possession in Malibu.

LA Sheriff’s deputies and a probation officer went to actor Ryan O’Neal’s home for a routine check of son Redmond who is serving a year’s probation after pleading guilty in July for possession of drugs.

LA County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore said both O’Neals, pater and fils, were suspected of methamphetamine possession.

Deputies allege that in addition to the substances suspected belonging to Redmond, they also found narcotics in Ryan O’Neal’s living room.

Ryan and Redmond remain in custody in lieu of $10,000 bail and both could be charged for felony possession.

Tatum O’Nea
l, Ryan’s daughter from wife Joanna Moore, pleaded guilty in July to disorderly conduct in connection stemming from a July arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession in NY.

Redmond, 23, named for Ryan’s character Redmond Barry in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon is the son of Ryan O’Neal and ex-GF Farrah Fawcett.

Perhaps it’s time for a new celeb rehab show staring The O’Neals?