Solitude, as it must, comes to all men – even  Tiger Woods, as the one time King Of Swing after a endless parade of lovers find himself alone – munching on cereal, watching  cartoons  and reduced to playing solo golf at night – the once haughty Tiger –  a lone wolf without a pack.

With bitter and deservedly angry wife Elin Nordegren packing up the kids and heading home to Sweden for the holidays alone sans wedding ring, Tiger spends his days in seclusion surrouded by the once impenetrable Team Tiger, greedily chewing cereal by the handful, watching animated antics of classic cartoons as his carefully constructed world unravels in the wake of rampant philandering that drove his wife from his bed and her heart, sources said.

Pals fear Tiger may be "cracking up" as Woods has isolated himself even from his closest friends since the night Elin exploded — the night Elin reportedly learned of The ENQUIRER’s expose of Tiger Girl Numero Uno Rachel Uchitel, sending Tiger careening down the road of celebrity meltdown, admitted infidelity and shame.

"There is a real concern among his friends that he is dealing with the situation in a very unhealthy way," a pal told UK tab London Sun.

And close pal Charles Barkley has been reaching out to Woods but with no response.

"It’s very frustrating," Barkley revealed. "Hey, man, we love you. If you need anything, pick up the phone."

Woods has not been officially seen in public since his bizarre Thanksgiving weekend fender bender with himself that  lead to a seeming endless parade of self-confessed lovers their hands outstretched for pay or play.

But there are those in the gated community where Woods and Nordegeren lived that have seen him moving furtively in the cool night air.  He is  rumored to be returning from joint therapy sessions with the  missus or meetings with his legal team, trying to anticipate what the initial salvo will be in the Woods’ forthcoming all-consuming divorce war.
Sources say he’d then head off alone to a nearby nighttime driving range, slicing ball after ball for hours off into the dank Florida night.

 "He goes after dark so he can’t be seen," a source said.

Meanwhile sources say Elin’s powering up legal top gun Sorrel Trope, 82,  the King of the A-List Divorce Lawyers whose 60 year Hollywood client list spans Cary Grant and Rod Steiger to Nicole Kidman, High Grant  and Britney Spears

Trope’s legal admirers say he is a hard nose negotiator who goes to the mat for whoever can afford him. 

Legal sources told The ENQUIRER the spurned Swedish fury will try to take Tiger for at least half his billions.