ARISTOLE ONASSIS, who wed JFK‘s widow, ordered the assassination of his rival for JACKIE‘s love – ROBERT F. KENNEDY, book claims.

UK Daily Express journo PETER EVANS believes that Bobby assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, may be telling the truth when he said he committed his heinous act under the influence of narcoleptic drugs or hypnosis. 

And possibly under orders from the notorious Greek tycoon himself!

Evans wrote an authorized bio of the lusty kingpin some called "psychopath" who had an S&M relationship with Operatic diva MARIA CALLAS before he dumped her to woo the world’s most famous widow, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

 Evans claimed in his authorized bio that Onassis even admitted it.

In 1974, Evans wrote, the ailing shipping magnate was on a beach on the Greek island of Skorpio when he told his latest conquest, NY photog, HELENE GAILLET, "You know, Helene, I put up the money for Bobby Kennedy’s murder."

When JFK first ascended the Presidency, Onassis edged closer to Jackie by having an affair with Jackie’s younger sister Lee Radziwell.

Jackie furious with hubby JFK’s many affairs, including Marilyn Monroe, joined Onassis for a cruise on his palatial luxury yacht where it is believed they had a steamy affair.

JFK was assassinated 5 weeks later and Onassis stayed at the White House as a "guest" during the funeral.

A grieving Jackie soon threw herself in the arms of brother Bobby Kennedy, who was against her having anything to do with the wily billionaire playboy based on his past dealings with Onassis as US Attorney General.

But RFK’s assassination changed all that and Jackie wed Onassis scant months later  in October 1968.

It was more a business deal than true love as the groom offered Jackie $3 million for her hand and was stunned by her "naked greed" when she demanded $20 million, Evans wrote in the bio.

Helene Gaillet, who witnessed Onassis’ confession, confirmed that Evans got the story right.

"Thank God the truth has finally been told for posterity," she said.