The star witness against OJ Simpson in his bungled heist and kidnap sports trial had a near attack while barraged by Simpson’s attorney!

The prosecution witness, Bruce Fromong, portrayed The Juice as an angry thug who violently burst into his room backed by a posse of gun toting hoods.

When cross examined in a barrage of questioning by Simpson’s defense attorney, Fromong a Vegas based sports memorabilia dealer, began clutching his heart.

Testimony was halted as EMTs raced into the courtroom to bring Fromong’s blood pressure under control.

Earlier in the day, it was OJ who was sweating as the prosecution played tapes that allegedly show Simpson barking orders at his minions like a true mob boss.

Prosecutor Chris Owens is determined to convict the famed double-murder acquitee as a criminal mastermind.

"The audio will show threats, it will show force, it will show demands and it will show the taking of property from the victims in this case." Owens said in his opening statement in the kidnapping /armed robbery case.

If convicted, the NFL Hall of Famer will be trading designer suits for stripes with life imprisonment.