NICOLE SIMPSON BROWN’s mom wages war against new killer.

In an exclusive interview, Juditha Brown – the 79-year-old mother of one of Hollywood’s most famous murder victims – told The ENQUIRER she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and has become an outspoken advocate for breast health.

"I’m a breast cancer survivor. And I owe my survival to my own self-examination," revealed Juditha.

"A woman knows her own body best. So I’m encouraging every woman I know to examine themselves frequently."

Back in 1995, Juditha was a familiar sight – flanked by her husband Lou and three daughters – at the so-called Trial of the Century for the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

Her former son-in-law, O.J. Simpson, was acquitted of both slayings, but was later found liable for the deaths in a civil suit after The ENQUIRER uncovered a photo of him wearing the same type of designer shoes, Bruno Magli,  as those of the murderer.

Juditha revealed she remains a close grandmotherly figure to the children of Nicole and O.J. – Sydney, 24 and Justin, 21. But her main focus recently has been her recovery.

Juditha has undergone two surgeries to remove lymph nodes and six chemotherapy treatments to date.

"I’ve lost my hair, but fortunately I look great in a wig," she quipped.

After she undergoes seven weeks of radiation, an upbeat Juditha expects to be back to her old self. And she intends to continue to spread the word about the importance of breast self-exams.

"When something doesn’t feel right, get it checked," she stresses.

"Early detection is still the best shot in the war against cancer."