THE family of O.J. Simpson’s former girlfriend Christie Prody say she was better off when she was with him than she is now – because she’s been busted for allegedly stealing prescription pills and is caught up in a shock­ing sex tape scandal!

“O.J. may be a killer, but her folks think Christie was better off living in Miami with him than the mess she got herself into since she moved back home,” de­clared a source close to the family.

After the end of her 13-year rela­tionship with the disgraced football star, Prody moved back home to Moorhead, Minn., fell for a local guy, had a baby, and then got in trouble with the law.

Now she’s embarrassing her family by trying to sell a sex tape, which stars her and her boyfriend, to porno movie companies.

And that’s not all! The sex tape scandal comes on the heels of her pending court case on charges of burglary and drug possession.

On Sept. 13, the 37-year-old plans to plead guilty to charges she stole pre­scription pills on two occasions from the home of a Moorhead couple, who say they caught her on a surveillance camera.

Prody worked as an in-home nursing assistant for the pair at the time of the alleged theft.

“I don’t know what Christie was thinking,” said the source. “Trying to sell a sex tape is not something the judge will take lightly.”

Her longtime ex-beau Simpson can’t help. Although he was acquit­ted in the 1994 slaying of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, he’s now serving up to 33 years for armed robbery.