Creepy double murder acquitee O.J. SIMPSON Florida horror house sale kayoed as potential buyers flee the deal!

While the 66-year-old convict languishes in Nevada’s Lovelock Cor­rectional Center, his four-bedroom, four-bath, hacienda-style home was sold for $655,000 in an online foreclosure auction.

But The ENQUIRER has learned that when the two business part­ners who purchased the property discovered it be­longed to O.J., they were so upset they forfeited their $30,000-plus down payment just to get out of the deal.

“My partner is French and did not realize he was buying a home once owned by O.J. Simpson,” co-purchaser Thomas Kennedy told The ENQUIRER. “When we dis­covered that, we decided to walk out and for­feit our five percent deposit because we didn’t want to be involved with that kind of noto­riety.

“The house will be going back up for auction soon.”

Simpson’s man­ager Norman Pardo told The ENQUIRER: “O.J. doesn’t want the house. It holds a lot of bad memories for him – his turbulent relationship with his former girlfriend Christie Prody.”

While living at the Miami-area home, the former sports hero was ticketed for speeding in his boat and endangering manatees as well as for pirat­ing TV satellite signals. In 2001, the FBI searched the res­idence during an investigation of possible ecstasy trafficking and money laundering.

The 4,233-square-foot house, built in the early 1950s, was bought by O.J. in 2000 for $575,000. But he stopped making pay­ments on the home, and it went into foreclosure.

 As The ENQUIRER reported in Sep­tember, O.J. was said to be shaken when the auction date was set be­cause he’d secreted in the house in­criminating diaries and evidence – in­cluding a knife and Bruno Magli shoes – from the sensational murder of his ex-wife Nicole.

Now, O.J. is hoping to get released on bail, pending a new trial he’s requested on his 2008 conviction for rob­bery and kidnapping. But he won’t be going back to his old house, and anyone who buys it will have their work cut out for them.

“It’s a wreck,” said an insider. “It had raccoons living in the attic and rodents in the walls. Whoever buys the house will have to spend a fortune fixing it up.”