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Coming to soon a theater near you – O.J. The Movie!

The knuckleheads behind the botched Las Vegas robbery that landed O.J. Simpson behind bars for up to 33 years are now going to be immortalized in a Hollywood movie.

A script for the film version of the book Busted! – ex-con Thomas Riccio‘s account of the bungled 2007 Sin City heist – has been making the rounds at top TinselTown agencies and studios,where it’s caught the eye of directors Nick Cassavetes and Martin Scorsese among others.

The ENQUIRER has obtained a copy – which casts the main players in a startling light.

The story is Riccio’s take on what happened when the former Heisman Trophy winner and Naked Gun star and his henchmen stuck up memorabilia collectors Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong in their Las Vegas hotel room to get back O.J.’s items.

As crazy as it seems, the screwed-up "gang that couldn’t shoot straight" is going to be portrayed in the movie as a bunch of heroes.

Riccio – who has been convicted of arson, selling stolen property and escaping from a minimum-security prison – is, of course, depicted as a noble righter of wrongs, instead of a criminal.

The lead character in the movie is based on the 46-year-old jailbird – who’s already profited handsomely by selling a secret audiotape of the crime.

He received a combined total of $210,000 for the tape – and also collected a $350,000 advance on the book. Now he stands to pick up a half-million-dollars-plus as a consultant on the movie.

"Riccio is making out like a bandit all the way around on this thing," declared a source connected to the project.

The ex-con sees the film as another Goodfellas. "He’s even set up a meeting with Henry Hill, the real-life mobster that the film is based on," revealed the source.

And talk about strange bedfellows – Riccio and Beardsley, who was looking down the barrel of a gun when O.J. and his posse confronted him in the hotel room, recently got together to sign memorabilia.

 "These guys will do anything for a buck," concluded the source.