Since Oprah Winfrey threw her weight behind Barack Obama’s candidacy, pundits have been debating The 02 Effect and how Oprah has impacted Obama’s historic run.

Since announcing her support for the Illinois Senator on The Larry King Show, Oprah stumped for Obama in Iowa and South Carolina which he won.  The Big Os then hit the trail in New Hampshire, which ‘Bama lost, putting a crimp in the perceived BO-mentum.

But what no one has considered is The Boomerang Effect ‘Bama has had on the talk show titan.

Leave it to political pundit Costas Panagopoulos, an assistant professor at NY’s Fordham University to analyze the gravitational effects of two large bodies orbiting one another in full view of the public.

Since backing ‘Bama, both Oprah’s popularity and ratings dropped drastically with home viewers preferring to tune in Ellen DeGeneres, the professor revealed.

Pangopoulos concluded that in the eyes of the public such high profile celeb-dorsements actually hurt the celeb more than they help the candidate.