Going after the disenfranchised youth vote with a pro-gay agenda may be one thing for embattled PRESIDENT OBAMA but legalizing marijuana may just win him the coveted "420" clique.

According to AtlanticWire.com, the President’s gambit may not be without precedent as a prior president with shaky approval ratings sought reelection by pandering.

In 2004, President George W. Bush, sought to curry favor with the Bible Belt with his anti-gay marriage stance and ultimately won the religious right’s support nabbing a second term.

With a long war in Afghanistan still raging and an even shakier economy Team Obama’s strategy was to land the pro-gay community when he endorsed same-sex marriage in a move that stunned many supporters.

But now after the CDC released findings that in 2011 young people smoked more marijuana than cigarettes, several states, Ohio, Colorado and  Michigan, (GOP opponent Mitt Romney’s home state), are considering a vote to legalize pot.

With Obama desperate for votes in see-saw states, Beltway insiders think his re-elect strategy team may be to back these states' Cannabis Initiatives prior to a nationwide push.

Youthful pot puffers may yet get Obama a second term – if all goes according to plan. So, hey kids, cue the Marley and Puff that Magic Dragon — FOR four more years.

And if it's legal, it's taxable.