LiLO’s “relapse” at Coachella no surprise to those in the know.

While taking a break from pursuing her “comeback”, the troubled 27-year-old reality star hit up the desert music festival Coachella where she was spotted downing a vodka soda drink, despite saying repeatedly on her “reality” show that she can hang with people who booze without boozing herself.

“Lindsay’s friend and family have been hoping that she would stay sober, but they’ve been down this path before with her,” a source told RadarOnline.

“She swears that she’s going to do the right thing and stay sober, then she doesn’t and she apologizes when people find out. But she doesn’t come clean to people close to her very easily.”

Coachella was the last place Lohan’s inner circle wanted her to be, and now they’re wondering if things are going to get bad again.

“Lindsay doesn’t have any court mandated rehab requirements coming up.

"And without that she would never go back and get treatment so she’s really not going to be held responsible for anything,” the source said.