Jungle girl “Survivor” LISA WHELCHEL on the prowl for new mate – AND that’s a FACT… of Life.

Lisa, recently divorced,  wants someone just like the reality skein’s  host Jeff Probst!

Lisa gushed to a pal that married man Probst, 51, is everything she wants, all in one package.

“If he could be cloned I would take one of him right now!” she told the friend. “Jeff is the perfect guy for me, but his wife doesn’t need to worry.

“I would never go there. I respect the values of marriage too much, and I would never be in a cheating relationship…but she sure is a lucky girl!”

Lisa, 49, says she wants a man with depth, who is spiritually aware and intelligent, as well as someone who makes a good living.

The former “Facts of Life” star also wants someone younger than her ex, Steve Cauble, who is 13 years her senior.

“Don’t want to marry an old dude!” Lisa joked during an Oct. 29 interview on Probst’s talk show when asked about future dating prospects.

She also confirmed what The ENQUIRER told readers weeks ago – that she had suffered for years in a loveless marriage for the sake of her children – son Tucker, 22, and daughters Haven, 21, and Clancy, 20.