HELL NO – HE WON’T GO! Pink-eyed BOB COSTAS refuses to leave SOCHI because he fears infecting others.

The veteran NBC broadcaster has been battling a nasty pink eye infection which has spread to both eyes but reports that while Battlin’ Bob has been told by docs to get “out of Dodge” and return to the United States for proper medical care, Costas is refusing to do

.Costas’ fabled streak of anchoring 157 consecutive Olympic prime-broadcasts for the Peacock net  came to an abrupt end with Matt Lauer took the top jock slot Tuesday when Costas was unable to see.

 “NBC doctors advised Bob it would probably be best for him to just go back home, and leave Russia,” the source said. “He is spending his days in the hotel room, in the dark, with warm compresses on his eyes. It seems highly unlikely Bob will be ready to go back on the air for at least five days. Conceivably, he could go back to the U.S. and perhaps try and return before the closing ceremonies.”

But the source said Costas is refusing to go.

“Bob is reluctant to leave because he is afraid of giving it to someone else because it’s so contagious. Anything he touches would need to be sanitized immediately. Physically, except for his eyes, he feels fine….It’s a really frustrating situation for Bob because he can’t read or watch coverage of the games. His eyes are continuing to tear up, and there is discharge still coming out,” the source explained.

The entire set was disinfected and cleaned before Lauer ascended Olympus.