DEMI MOORE is ready to serve up the divorce dish of revenge on cheating ex ASHTON KUTCHER by plundering his treasure chest!

Demi will hit her philandering estranged hubby where it really hurts — by plundering his cold hard cash — and as the couple did not sign a prenup, the highly paid 35-year-old is pretty much at her mercy!

“When they first got together Demi was worth a considerable amount more than Ashton, but obviously that’s changed – drastically!” A source tells

“Ashton is now worth at least $100 million whereas Demi’s not been bringing in the big bucks for years. Ashton has his Two and a Half Men contract, which pays him a cool $20 million a year — and he’s also invested in several very successful internet startups including Skype and Foursquare. Ashton also has a very successful production company and a lucrative endorsement deal with Nikon. Demi doesn’t know the full extent of Ashton’s finances, but trust me, she will before a divorce settlement is finally reached!”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Moore formally filed her response to Ashton’s divorce papers, which he filed Dec.21, 2012.  And, from Moore’s response  she wants Kutcher to pay!

Demi, 50, is seeking spousal from the uber-rich Ash and wants him to foot the bill for all of her legal costs.

“Demi’s finances are solid, but she took a back seat during their marriage and allowed Ashton to be the star – and big earner – of the family,” the source says.

“Demi believes she provided crucial guidance to Ashton that helped him get to where he is today, and she thinks it is only fair she is compensated for that now they are no longer together. She’s been unhappy with the settlement talks so far because she feels that Ashton doesn’t recognize the impact she had on his life.”