Almost forty years after a Charles Manson orchestrated  a murder spree of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and others, convicted murderer Susan Atkins has been denied parole.

The former follower had sought compassionate parole based on the fact that she has brain cancer and is dying. 

The aging hippie murderess and thrill kill cultist wants to be surrounded by friends and family as the Grim Reaper approaches – not prison guards.

"Susan has served a life sentence," Virginia Seals, Atkins’ sister-in-law, argued that California’s longest-serving female inmate should be freed.

"This is about her death."

So Sorry Request Denied — by unanimous decision of the California Board of Parole Hearings.

One of the victims’ who were slaughtered by the Manson cult in 1969 was Jay Sebring. His nephew, Anthony Di Maria, said the families were left with scars that have never healed.

"Ms. Atkins can die with dignity," Di Maria told the parole board.

"You’ll hear nothing from the nine people in their graves who died horrendous deaths at the hands of Susan Atkins."