JOHN TRAVOLTA’s attempts to book a table at a KFC branch in England made headlines around the world but the full story has yet to come out – until now!

Multiple reports said  a rep of the “Pulp Fiction” star called the local Colonel Sanders’s outlet in East Grinstead, West Sussex, to see if he could get a table for Travolta who was in town for a  Scientology event.

Reportedly, a member of the KFC staff,  told the caller it was restaurant policy not to book tables.

He also said Travolta would have to line up in front of the fast food counter everyone else.

 “In hindsight, of course, we would have reserved a table for him,” a KFC spokesman later told The BBC.

“It's not every day you get a Hollywood star eating in your restaurant.”

The alleged KFC employee who took the call and ix-nayed the alleged Travolta request wished to remain anonymous, the spokesperson revealed.

The chicken staffer did say he had been skeptical of the telephone caller’s legitimacy– in light of a reservation request for a “Mr. Travolta.”

Who knows — it might have been for Joey Travolta — John’s brother.