KENDRA WILKINSON ix-nays minor league hubby’s family expansion plans, say sources.

Kendra is in a furious tug-of-war with her football-playing husband Hank Baskett – and the future of their family is at stake.
The former NFL player, who once earned $800,000 a year, is pushing for a second child, but the 26-year-old “Playboy” beauty insists Hank is not making enough as a minor-leaguer and needs a better paying job before expanding the family, say sources.
Two years after appear­ing in the Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts, the 29-year-old wide receiver has dropped down to the United Football League, and is currently a free agent.
“With the UFL, Hank makes about $40,000 for the eight-game season,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “That’s chump change compared to what he was getting in the NFL. Kendra sniffs and says, ‘I can make that just showing up in Las Vegas for an event.’
“She says as long as she’s the bread­winner, taking time off for a pregnancy is not an option.”
In sharp contrast to her hus­band, the 26-year-old stunner keeps scoring big with her career. She rocketed to fame in 2005 on the E! reality show “The Girls Next Door,” which focused on her life with then-beau Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. Her spinoff series “Kendra” has be­come an even bigger hit in its three seasons on the air.
The blonde bombshell also competed on “Dancing with the Stars” this past season, has appeared in movies and TV shows, and is set to release her second book.
Meanwhile, Hank is desperately hoping to land a spot on an NFL team later this year.
“It’s emasculating that Kendra can lord it over Hank with what she makes when he gets paid much less than her,” said the friend.
Still, Hank is pressing for a second child, re­vealed the friend, “but Kendra is putting up roadblocks.”