BACHELOR SEAN LOWE dodges the “evil” bullet known as TIERRA – here’s WHY! Her shocking past revealed.

 TIERRA LICAUSI was the most hat­ed woman on this season of “The Bachelor” – and her ex-beau’s best pal says it’s with good reason!

The dark-haired vixen callously abandoned her boyfriend David “Casey” Reese at the lowest point in his life, and he went on to die at 20 from a drug overdose, revealed Reese’s best friend James Fry.

But Tierra, a 24-year-old leasing consultant from Las Vegas, tried to use the tragedy to her benefit on the hit ABC show. In an apparent bid to gain sympathy, she turned on the waterworks when she told “Bachelor” Sean Lowe how she was still haunted by the death of her high school sweetheart. And as The ENQUIRER previously reported, she even named her Yorkie dog Reese after her dead lover.

Yet Fry pointed out that Tierra coldheartedly dumped Casey right after his father died and says she wasn’t there for him after he returned from a stint in rehab.

“She’s evil!” Fry told The ENQUIRER.

“Sean ought to know that despite what Tierra told him on the show about Casey’s death, the fact is that she left him when he needed her most.

“That destroyed him. She broke his heart and he ended up dead from an overdose.”

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