While supermodel Niki Taylor hovered at death’s door after a car crash, her boyfriend was secretly two-timing her with a former galpal of O.J. Simpson!

The 5-foot-11 hazel-eyed blonde has now recovered from the injuries she suffered in the April 2001 accident. But she had no clue that beau James “Chad” Renegar was cheating on her with sexy Angelique Fitzgerald, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Chad is a cad!” huffed an insider.

“Considering that he was driving the car when Niki was nearly killed, you’d think he’d devote all his attention to nursing her through her recovery.

“Instead he seized an opportunity to see Angelique behind Niki’s back!”

Niki, a former Cover Girl model and Liz Claiborne pitch girl, suffered severe internal injuries after Chad slammed his car into a pole while chatting on a cell phone.

The 27-year-old stunner was recuperating in an Atlanta hospital when Angelique hit on Chad, 28.

Angelique, who’s a model, knew Niki. She made headlines last year when reports surfaced that she engaged in a torrid threesome with O.J. and his squeeze Christie Prody.

“Angelique tracked down Chad at his condo in Atlanta because she wanted him to give a gift to Niki,” said the insider.

“She’d read that Niki loved stuffed bears.

“So she spent $100 on a basket of bears and asked Chad to take them to Niki in the hospital.”

Angelique, 30, told a pal that she and Chad then started a torrid affair: “I delivered the bears to Chad’s door on June 25, 2001 — and we’ve been seeing each other ever since,” she said.

“He’s superior in the sack. I definitely see what Niki found so appealing about him!”

Meanwhile, Chad is still pursuing Niki, who’s returned home to Florida to continue physical rehabilitation.

“Chad drove to Fort Lauderdale hoping to see her and even tried to use mutual pals as intermediaries to hook up with her,” said Angelique’s pal.

“What’s astounding is that while he professes his sorrow for what happened and is begging Niki for forgiveness, he’s been fooling around with Angelique.

“Niki’s intuition to give Chad the big heave-ho was spot on!”