Nicole Kidman will star as 1960s troubled Brit pop icon Dusty Springfield.

Nic will both produce and star in the feature being scribed by Michael Cunningham best known for his novel The Hours.

Dusty Springfield was a breakout solo artist of the Brit Invasion of the 60s charting 18 singles in the Billboard Hot 100.

Her sultry rendition of Burt Bacharach‘s "The Look of Love" accompanied Ursula Andress‘ seduction of Peter Sellers in the comedic 007 Casino Royale.  It was nominated for an Academy Award for best song of 1967

An admitted bisexual,  Springfield’s life was tragic – drugs, booze and mental illness, the culprits.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Springfield passed in 1999.

Oddly enough, Universal is producing their own Dusty biopic with Broadway and TV star Kristin Chenoweth slated to star.