Ready-to-birth Nicole Kidman has a new way to foil berserk paparazzi – her bodyguard lies down in the middle of the street to thwart car chasing paps!

Prego Nic was mood-swinging big time after a night of B’way with hubby Keith Urban.

When scurrilous snappers ambushed the duo outside the Music Box Theatre on West 45th Street at 11 PM, Nic, Keith and bodyguard Wayne fended the frenzy off with umbrellas as their SUV roared up to the curb.  They quickly piled in and drove off.

As the eager paps gave chase, they thought their fortunes made as the SUV suddenly stopped short.

Bodyguard Wayne slowly got out and laid prone in the street between the paparazzi and Kidman’s speeding away SUV.

Wayne refused to get up until Nic and Keith were far, far away.

"It was unbelievable. We couldn’t move," a pap eyewitness revealed.

"After about five minutes, this guy just got up, wished us all a nice evening and strolled off."