Three chanting midwives delivered Nick Nolte‘s baby daughter to his Pilates instructor girlfriend Clytie Lane at their Malibu home — with no doctors present.

Nick’s new daughter, his second child, debuted Oct. 2 after the troubled 66-year-old actor had finished shooting a movie in Hawaii, where he had been photographed passed out on the floor at Kauai Airport.

“Nick and Clytie have named the baby Shanti, which is the Sanskrit word for peace,” revealed a pal.

The Beverly Hills Cop star has had a tempestuous three-year relationship with Clytie, 40, a British actress and writer, who appeared in the movie Coffee Date.

Revealed a friend: “They’d fight like cats and dogs and then Clytie would take off. But they’d make up and decide they’re in love again.

“They broke up early in the year, and then Clytie returned in March — ten weeks pregnant. At first Nick wanted a DNA test, but then decided he was the father.”

Nick’s been married three times and also has a son, 20-year-old Brawley, who is also an actor.