Published on: September 19, 2003

As viewers of the MTV hit "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" know, Jessica Simpson loves to spend money. But a recent incident shows that her hubby Nick Lachey is -- well, thrifty!

When the couple had a two-hour lunch at posh restaurant The Ivy in Los Angeles, "they ordered everything under the sun -- appetizers, seafood salads, steak, dessert and a couple of bottles of champagne," said a source.

"They had the entire wait staff catering to their every need. And the bill came to $1,100!

"When it came time to pay, Jessica went to put down what she thought to be a tip worthy of the bill.

"But Nick flipped and told her, 'That's too much! We have to cut corners somewhere.'

"And he left a $14 tip.

"The waiters and manager couldn't believe they left such a small tip!"