Music producer Phil Spector‘s prosecutor has found a new witness who alleges Spector threatened her life in an eerily similar manner to facts alleged in the shooting death of B-movie starlet Lana Clarkson in 2003.

Prosecution admits these facts are separated by seven years and Spector’s defense attorney opposes her testimony and by five additional witnesses who testified in Spector’s trial last year.

Wall of Sound rock pioneer Spector is accused of killing Clarkson on February 3, 2003.  Defense claimed it was self-inflicted – either by accident or suicide.  Spector is facing retrial because of last year’s judicial deadlock.

The new witness, Norma Kemper, alleges Spector took her to dinner and then to House of Blues (the same chain of events the night Clarkson died).

Kemper told investigators that an intoxicated Spector became furious after she rebuffed his advances.

Spector is alleged to have shown the woman a holstered gun secreted under his jacket, telling her, "You know I could kill you right now."

"The prosecution keeps trying to get a conviction based on character evidence that has little or nothing to do with what happened on February 3, 2003," remarked Spector defense attorney Doron Weinberg.