GERARD DEPARDIEU is in a death spiral after packing on a whop­ping 46 pounds – and sources close to the former French superstar warn he’s eating himself into an early grave. A recent refugee from France because of tax issues, Depradieu was enbraced by bear wrestling Prez Vladimir Putin as Russia’s new citizen but even THAT may not save the calorie challenged star.

The 5-foot-10, 340-pound star was recently spotted looking beet-red and bloated as he rolled out of Ciampino Airport in Rome in a wheelchair and needed the assis­tance of two men just to get into a waiting car.

On Nov. 29, Gerard, 64, the party-hearty performer was de­tained by Paris police for allegedly driving drunk on his scooter. After falling off the motorbike, he failed a sobriety test.

“Gerard is in the worst shape of his life and can’t even walk on his own anymore because he’s abused his body so badly over the years,” a source revealed to The ENQUIRER.

“Doctors have told him his years of gluttonous eating, drinking and hard living have finally caught up with him, and if he doesn’t make some quick changes he can expect to die very soon.

“But he ignores doc­tors’ warnings that he’s eating himself to death.

“His friends and family are so concerned they’ve staged an intervention to get him to take better care of himself, but he basical­ly laughed in their faces.

“It’s as if Gerard is on a suicide mission!”

Depardieu underwent a quintuple heart bypass in 2000. His doctors demanded he slow down but their recommendations fell on deaf ears.

Incredibly, the hell-bent actor has also survived at least 17 motorbike accidents as well as a harrowing runway mishap when a small plane he was in smacked into a Boeing 727 at Madrid Airport.

The out-of-control French icon also made headlines in August 2011 by getting thrown off an airplane for urinating on the aisle carpet before takeoff.

Sadly, the screen vet­eran, best known for his Academy Award-nomi­nated role as Cyrano de Bergerac, seems to have no intention of throttling down.

Said the source: “If Gerard is going to die, he’s going to do it his way – eating, drinking and partying like there’s no tomorrow!”

And NOW, he’ll do it, no doubt, bingeing on the finest vodka and caviar as the newest hero of Mother Russia.