A steamy love triangle with fan fave MELANIE AMARO as its nexus  has turned “The X Factor” into “The Dating Game”!

Melanie, 19, is secretly ro­mancing booted-off R&B man Trace Kennedey of Stereo Hogzz, and that’s left hip-swinging Marcus Canty singing the blues, insiders say.

“Behind the scenes, ‘The X Factor’ seems more like ‘The Bachelorette’ than a singing competition,” divulged a source close to the contestants.

“Melanie felt attracted to Trace at the same time she started to get close to Mar­cus. Trace has always liked Melanie, and he wasn’t about to let her get away. Meantime, Marcus, who has a girlfriend back home, was torn because he was falling for her too!”

But teen sen­sation Melanie is downplaying any talk about a blossoming ro­mance with Trace, 24, or Marcus, 20.

“The only romance I’m having right now is with my microphone,” the singer from Sun­rise, Fla., insisted to a reporter. Now, Marcus could wind up being a two-time loser.

“Marcus lost Mela­nie to Trace, and in the process he may have ruined his relationship with his girlfriend back home,” explained the source.

“Marcus said he’s grateful the show is giving him a crash course in how to handle stardom, but it’s wrecking his love life!”