PARTY-HEARTY “American Pie” actress Tara Reid looks like she’s facing a new medical scare!

On Feb. 3, the 38-year-old beauty was photographed looking concerned as she left The Encino Breast Care Center in Los Angeles.

“She was there for about two hours,” revealed an eyewitness. “She appeared visibly distraught and was dressed down with very little makeup on. It looked like she had a medical scare.”

On its website, The Encino Breast Care Center says it provides ul­trasounds, mammograms and bone density scans, and focuses on “provid­ing women with optimal breast care.”

Tara was spotted exiting the center holding what appeared to be imaging results.

While her publicist told The ENQUIRER that “Tara just had an annual exam, nothing unusual,” the “Sharknado” star has had problems with her breasts in the past. In 2004, Tara had two botched plastic surgery procedures, including a breast en­hancement and joint liposuction. She later suffered a wardrobe malfunction which showed scarring and damage to her nipples.

The nightlife-loving star – who’s currently dating 33-year-old Erez Eisen of the “Infected Mushroom” band – has also subjected her body to a lot of wear and tear over the years. In 2007, Tara was secretly hospitalized after docs discovered she had elevated liver enzymes, a condition which can be triggered by alcohol. The following year, the actress went through a 60-day rehab program, and The ENQUIRER re­vealed that her weight had plunged 15 pounds after her boozing

But these days, Tara insists, “Life is great,” and she’s celebrating her “Sharknado” sequel that began filming in New York. Syfy’s pop culture TV movie is scheduled to premiere in July.

Let’s hope that Tara doesn’t have a new medical problem to contend with!