NINE weeks after giving birth, Kerry Washington has miraculously shed all of her pregnancy weight, but friends fear the gorgeous “Scandal” star – a former bulimia patient – may be in danger of collapse!

The 37-year-old actress, who gave birth April 21 to daughter Isabelle, looked stunning at the June 29 BET Awards in Los Angeles. She appeared to be back to her 115-pound pre-baby weight.

“You could never tell Kerry had been pregnant at all,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “Everyone asked her about it and she said, ‘I had to – I have to go back to work.’”

Incredibly, Kerry had dropped 30 pounds of pregnancy weight in about half the usual time, and got set to begin her fourth season playing crisis management expert Olivia Pope on the ABC drama.

“Producers cut season three back from 22 episodes to 18 to accommodate Kerry in her third trimester,” said an insider. “Kerry felt she needed to get back on set in fighting shape, because so many people were counting on her.”

But alarm bells sounded among her friends who knew she’d successfully beaten bulimia in college. The pals worried she may have bitten off more than she could chew – intensely dieting and working out to lose her pregnancy weight.

Confided a close source: “We tell her between the wear and tear of taking care of a new baby, poring over scripts and returning to the set, she’s in danger of collapsing!”