New secret recording of DONALD STERLING’s stunning denial mocked as new tape surfaces – this time saying he wanted sex with alleged mistress V. STIVIANO as the excuse for his racist rant — HEAR IT NOW!

The disgraced NBA owner’s reaction to his racism scandal was heard for the first time when it was leaked yesterday on, as he insisted “I’m not a racist.”

Now, in an explosive second recording, the Clippers owner reveals what he says is the true reason for his hateful comments — He wanted to sleep with his assistant and rumored mistress,V. Stiviano, Radar reported.  Sterling, 81,  lavished his Stiviano with pricey luxury gifts for years,  but sources say she never slept with him in return And according to the new recording acquired by Radar, he was trying to change that when he launched into his racist rant during a phone conversation with Stiviano.

In that tape, “I’m talking to a girl. I’m trying to have sex with her,” Sterling explains to a long-time friend in the recently recorded phone conversation. “I’m trying to play with her. If you were trying to have sex with a girl and you’re talking to her privately and you don’t think anybody’s there, you may say anything in the world!”

 “Then, if the girl tapes it and releases it, my god it’s awful,” he continues. “Who thinks anybody’s gonna tape something?”

Sterlingwas previously recorded telling Stiviano, 31, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people … You can sleep with [black people] … The little thing I ask you is not to promote it …”

In the new recording, Sterling’s first since the scandal broke, the disgraced NBA owner explains his twisted reasoning for those statements.

 “The girl is black,” Sterling says. “I like her. I’m jealous that she’s with other black guys. I want her. So what the hell. Can’t I in private tell her, ‘I don’t want you to be with anybody?’”

In particular, Sterling had exploded over a photo Stiviano posted on Instagram of herself posing with Magic Johnson.

“The picture is not [the issue],” he now explains. “I wish Magic Johnson was talking to a girl and you trying to play with her, and you might say anything. You might say you have the biggestpenis in the world! I would have said I could fly over a high rise building if I had to!”

 “And you’re talking to her and then you go away,” he continues. “And the next thing you know, three months later what you said when you were hot trying to get in her … is released!”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported public backlash was swift once the tapes were released, with NBA Commissioner banning Sterling  for life. Pressure for him to sell the team continues to mount, Sterling refuses to back down.

“So they should take away for life your team [if] you say the wrong thing to a girl?” he rants. “…I know what I said was wrong. But I never thought the private conversation would go anywhere, out to the public.”

Sterling insists, “I didn’t want her to bring anybody to my games because I was jealous! I mean, I’m being honest. Doesn’t matter.

LISTEN to the bombshell recording HERE: