Inside the hush-hush secret facility which sparked “sea monster” sightings – new AREA 51 declassified.

“There’s someTHING in the water,” residents were whispering in the remote north of a rural western state.

Not in the sky but the water.

At a top secret Navy facility in land locked Idaho, the rumor mill was working overtime.

Strange looking craft rising out of the fog shrouded waters was enough to spook locals. They suspected something “top secret” was going on but they had no idea WHAT – that is until now.

And unlike the classic theories about the original Air Force based dubbed “Area 51” in Groom Lake, Nevada, The Acoustic Research Detachment at Bayview was NOT reverse engineering captured flying saucers nor imprisoning illegal aliens —  from outer space.

While the base seems non-descript to outsiders, Navy Intelligence and military engineers are said to be hard at work developing the next generation of submarines.

There on the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho, is the facility where blogger Foxtrot Alpha says the U.S. Navy is indeed testing new designs for its high-tech sub fleet.

While the details of some of the designs have been leaked there is no truth to the rumors that the fictional Admiral Nelson of the USS Seaview is developing a “flying sub”.

That was just a TV show.  Sorry, conspiracy buffs.