Los Angeles police have announced that they are investigating a new child abuse accusation against Michael Jackson, this time from a boy who alleges the singer abused him from the age of 3.


But The ENQUIRER reported exclusively back in February that law enforcement authorities had located two new boys who claim they were molested by Jackson. And the youth at the center of the new investigation — which was announced by the LAPD on April 13 — is one of those two boys, according to a police source.

“It’s a strange case, in which a youth, now 18, says he has flashbacks of repressed memory of sex with Michael,” a source close to the boy told The ENQUIRER. “The boy has been able to accurately describe Jackson and the rooms of the house where he was alone with him.”

Jackson attorneys Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman tried to dismiss the new accusation, saying: “We believe that this smear campaign is driven by money hungry lawyers seeking to capitalize on Mr. Jackson’s current legal situation.”

But Los Angeles criminal attorney Gregory Brenner, who is not connected with the case but has sources within the LAPD, told The ENQUIRER: “Police are taking the allegations seriously, and don’t believe this a ploy to extort money out of Jackson.

“Police have seen pictures of Jackson with the boy at various events and they have appeared in publications over the years.”

The police source told The ENQUIRER: “The boy has been interviewed by cops and has told them Jackson molested him from the ages of 3 to 6 and again from 11 to 14.”

Said Brenner: “Those memories the young man believes were suppressed or repressed. Police believe some recent event, like the grand jury hearings (investigating charges that Jackson molested a 12-year-old boy), triggered the latent memories of the molestations.

“The boy said his parents worked for the Jackson family at their Encino home where the events allegedly occurred.”


The close source said the boy’s flashbacks of the incidents came “in sessions with Dr. Carole Lieberman.”

Dr. Lieberman, a top Beverly Hills psychiatrist, last year filed a complaint seeking to have Jackson’s children removed from his custody until he received psychiatric treatment.

Asked whether she had a role in the new case, Dr. Lieberman told The ENQUIRER that legal and ethical considerations prevent her from discussing whether any person is a patient of hers. — JOHN SOUTH, ALAN BUTTERFIELD, JIM NELSON and ALAN SMITH