After ANN CURRY gave a controversial interview she was grilled by angry NBC execs before being axed — source.

Peacock net execs had a meeting with Ann Curry after she did a sitdown with Ladies Home Journal where she revealed that her TODAY bosses weren't happy with her physical appearance.

In the interview Curry said the NBC politburo didn't like that she had grey hair, thought her wardrobe was frumpy and wanted her to wear "ridiculously high heels" during her time as an anchor with TODAY.

Curry said when she wore clogs and flats into the studio, it didn't "go over very well with my bosses," and in one instance, she was compared to breakfast cereal mascot Toucan Sam when wearing a colorful dress on the air.

The respected journo also said, "I've got gray hair because I won't dye it: I want to honor my family by looking exactly as they did as they got older… I think showing some grey is authentic …true beauty is a face you have lived in. Of course I want to look my best: I eat right, exercise and use skin cream. I try to wear nice clothes. But I don't want to change the fundamental parts of me, because it means changing WHO I AM."

Curry was promptly called into the 30 Rock HQ of NBC News, a source told RadarOnline.com.

“The meeting was conducted by several high ranking NBC executives, and Ann Curry. They didn't rake her over the coals for her comments, but the message was definitely clear…no more negative comments about the network," the source divulged.

"They also wanted to address her concerns that she vented about in the interview. Ann had no intention of causing a controversy, and she reminded them that when she did the interview, she was still a co-host of the TODAY show. Ann was trying to convey in the interview that women's physical appearances are heavily emphasized in the professional working world, as compared to men. Ann has always been a true class act, and she had nothing to be ashamed of."

Meanwhile, Good Morning America has beaten TODAY in the first full week after the Olympics, rocking numbers of 4.654 million over TODAY's 4.399 million, according to ratings released on Thursday.