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Which Screen Romances Need To Reignite?

Cast your vote for the couple you want back on the big screen!

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Hollywood keeps reviving and rebooting film franchises — but we’re not seeing enough of the movie couples that we love! Take a look at the following big-screen faves and cast your vote for the couple that you want to see cast together — one more time!


Which Screen Romances Need To Reignite?

Julia Roberts & Brad Pitt
Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan
Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey
Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise
Richard Gere & Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio
Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta

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Hollywood had a horrible summer at the box office, but the movie stars still demanded big bucks! The National ENQUIRER has pulled together the estimated salaries paid to America’s ten biggest film stars, as hauled in over a one-year period. Cast your vote for whether the actors are really worth the huge paychecks — and you’ll see that no actress is making nearly as much…


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The NFL has been rocked by politics as athletes have taken a knee during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner." The gesture began as a protest against charges of police brutality, and has now grown as a matter of free speech. Do you believe athletes should have to stand tall during the national anthem?


Should All NFL Players Stand For The National Anthem?

Yes — It's a tradition that unites Americans
No — Freedom of expression matters more

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Stars come in all shapes and sizes — but plenty of them seem to be aiming for size zero! Take a look at the celebrities who have gotten down to what some would call shockingly thin, and vote for if they need to eat a sandwich or maintain that figure!


Showbiz marriages are falling apart fast — from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Fergie and Josh Duhamel. Even longtime live-in couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are finally on the rocks! Which celebrity couple do you think is next to announce they're parting ways?


Celebrity Splits — Who's Next?

George & Amal Clooney
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith


O.J. Simpson could be out of prison as early as Oct. 1 — and the disgraced star is stepping out to a different world. It wasn't nearly as common for people to grab celebrities for selfies when Simpson went on trial for robbery and kidnapping in 2008. Would you seize the moment if you saw him on the streets?

Would You Take A Selfie With O.J. Simpson?

Yes — It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
No — Simpson needs to be shunned!


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are back together after years apart — which has us hoping that other celebrity couples can come to their senses! Choose your favorite former showbiz loves that you want to see reunited!


The Celebrity Exes Who Need To Get Back Together

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
Heidi Klum and Seal
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal

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Anthony Scaramucci burned out quickly, and reports out of Washington say that no one else wants the job! Who should step in and help President Trump get out his message?

Who Should Be Trump's New Communications Director?

Chris Christie
Ann Coulter
Brit Hume
Bill O'Reilly
Dennis Miller
Sarah Palin
Sean Spicer


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Fame is fleeting and beauty fades even faster — except for these beauties who've stayed beautiful despite decades under the spotlight. Cast your vote for the hottest showbiz figure over 70 years old!


Cast your vote for the hottest showbiz figure over 70 years old!

Helen Mirren, 72
Susan Sarandon, 70
Diane Keaton, 71
Diana Ross, 73
Glenn Close, 70
Racquel Welch, 76
Sophia Loren, 82
Ann-Margret, 76
Jane Fonda, 79
Candice Bergen, 71
Tina Turner, 77
Joan Collins, 84
Suzanne Somers, 70
Sally Field, 70
Jaclyn Smith, 71

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Showbiz figures keep talking about joining the ranks of big-name stars who've been elected to office! Which of these celebs do you want alongside politicians like Ronald Reagan, Al Franken and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Which Celebrities Do You Want In Office?

Tim Allen
Tom Brady
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Ellen DeGeneres
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Steve Harvey
Caitlyn Jenner
Dwayne Johnson
Angelina Jolie
Kid Rock
Tim McGraw
Chuck Norris
Tim Tebow
Tom Selleck
Bruce Springsteen
Mark Wahlberg
Kanye West
Oprah Winfrey

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Some celebrities are beloved, and some stars are famously awful! Go through this list of the Top 60 Stars Most Likely to Make People Sick, and choose your own Top 25. Then see which famous figures are voted in as the The 25 Most Hated People in Hollywood — as published by The National ENQUIRER!


The 25 Most Hated People in Hollywood — Cast your vote for the worst of the worst!

Ben Affleck
Woody Allen
Alec Baldwin
Justin Bieber
Chris Brown
Hillary Clinton
Stephen Colbert
Bill Cosby
Simon Cowell
Tom Cruise
Miley Cyrus
Ellen DeGeneres
Paula Deen
Scott Disick
Jimmy Fallon
Mel Gibson
Kathie Lee Gifford
Teresa Giudice
Whoopi Goldberg
Anne Hathaway
Katherine Heigl
Kris Jenner
Kylie Jenner
Angelina Jolie
Kim Kardashian
Jimmy Kimmel
Megyn Kelly
Miranda Kerr
Nicole Kidman
Ashton Kutcher
Shia LaBeuof
Matt Lauer
Rush Limbaugh
Lindsay Lohan
Rosie O'Donnell
Bill O'Reilly
Barack Obama
Gwyneth Paltrow
Sean Penn
Joaquin Phoenix
Regis Philbin
Roman Polanski
Gordon Ramsey
LeAnn Rimes
Kelly Ripa
Julia Roberts
Adam Sandler
Ryan Seacrest
Charlie Sheen
Blake Shelton
O.J. Simpson
Tori Spelling
Howard Stern
Michael Strahan
Barbra Streisand
Taylor Swift
John Travolta
Robert Wagner
Kanye West

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The National ENQUIRER catches the celebs who use surgery to get their beach bodies — plus other nip 'n tucks to keep looking young. The results aren't always pretty, though. Would you consider a trip to the plastic surgeon to change your appearance?

Would You Get Plastic Surgery Like The Stars?

Yes — it's money well spent!
No — natural is still the best look!

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The press loves to hate it when Donald Trump goes to Twitter — but his controversial statements on social media have even divided some supporters over his blunt talk and late-night postings. Should the President keep his account?

Should Donald Trump Keep Tweeting?

Yes — Let Trump keep talking directly to the people.
No — Trump's better served by staying off social media.



O.J. Simpson has a July parole board meeting for his armed robbery charges — and insiders say that the accused murderer is likely to be out of prison by October. Should he serve his full sentence through 2041, or does Simpson deserve to be treated like any other convict?

O.J. Simpson: Should He Get Out On Parole?

Let The Juice Loose — he's done his time!
Lock Him Up — Simpson is no ordinary criminal!


Bill Cosby celebrated when a jury finally declared they were deadlocked after deliberating on charges he raped Andrea Constand in 2004. Pennsylvania prosecutors have already promised that they're putting the once-beloved comic on trial again. Should Bill be back in front of a judge, or is it time to accept the evidence isn't there?


Bill Cosby Rape Trial — Back To Court?

Back To Court — Let a new jury decide!
Let Bill Go — It's time to move on!

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The bizarrely-named Reality Winner is the latest government employee to make headlines by sneaking out government documents — following in the heels of high-profile leakers including Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and gender-bending Chelsea Manning. Even ex-FBI director James Comey boasted about leaking private memos during his Senate testimony!

Some call these people traitors, but others insist that American citizens deserve to know all about D.C.'s workings.


Are they really heroic figures, or just treasonous spies?

Heroes — Taxpayers deserve to know what the government is doing.
Villains — Some documents are "top secret" to protect us.

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The nation was rocked by the Manson Family Murders of 1969, with movie star Sharon Tate murdered by the vicious followers of Charles Manson — followed by the brutal killing of suburban couple Leno and Rosemary La Bianca.

Patricia Krenwinkel (left) participated in both of the grisly slayings, and is up for parole on June 22 at the age of 69. Her fellow Manson disciple Leslie Van Houten (center) was released in 2016 before California governor Jerry Brown intervened. (Susan Atkins, at right, passed away in prison in 209 at the age of 61.)


Manson himself won't face a parole hearing until 2027, when he'll be 92 years old. But is it time to forgive the disciples who followed him in the drug-crazed 1960s?

Yes — Manson's locked away, and his followers paid their debt to society.
No — The murders were too horrific to be forgiven.


He's back from traveling the world as President, but critics say Donald Trump's campaign promises are stalled in Congress. What does the President need to concentrate on next?


What does the President need to concentrate on next?

Immigration/Illegal aliens
National security
Tax Reform

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Bill Cosby is facing criminal charges of rape in Pennsylvania this summer — but he's dreaming of a comeback after a 'not guilty' verdict. "I want to get back to the laughter and enjoyment of things...that I’ve performed on stage,” he says. If the struggling star wins over the jury, can Cosby win back an audience?


Bill Cosby Rape Trial — Can He Be Forgiven?

Yes — give Bill a chance to get back to comedy!
No — Cosby's past can't be forgiven.

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Cities and towns below the Mason-Dixon line are tearing down their Confederate War monuments. That includes New Orleans doing without a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Charlottesville, Va., deciding to rename Robert E. Lee Park. The country is still debating if these remnants of the past should remain, or be removed as tributes to those who fought for slavery.


Cities and towns below the Mason-Dixon line are tearing down their Confederate War monuments. That includes New Orleans doing without a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Charlottesville, Va., deciding to rename Robert E. Lee Park. The country is still debating if these remnants of the past should remain, or be removed as tributes to those who fought for slavery.

Tear Them Down — America's changed too much to salute a shameful period.
Leave Them Up — Keep honoring those who lived through a turbulent time in our nation.

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There's never been a White House Press Secretary who's taken more flack than Sean Spicer. His boss even jokes that Spicer brings in "great ratings" — but is he really doing right by President Trump? Find out the survey results in The National ENQUIRER on newsstands May 17!


Sean Spicer: Rate His First 100 Days!
Cast your vote on the Press Secretary's performance!

Keep Him — He's taking on the White House Press Corps.
Fire Him — He's an embarrassment no matter who you support.
Not Sure — He's barely spent 100 days in the job.

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First Lady Melania Trump has taken heat for her decision to live in New York with preteen son Barron during the first 100 days of the historic Trump presidency. What’s your opinion?


Melania Trump: Does The First Lady Need To Be In The White House?

Melania should move to the White House like all the other first ladies.
It’s not 1917 anymore — she should stay in NYC if that’s what’s best for their son.
Why is this a big deal? They still see each other all the time.


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The biggest name at America's #1 news network has resigned over multiple charges of sexual harassment — but Bill O'Reilly was still topping the ratings. What do you say about how "The O'Reilly Factor" came to an end? Find out the survey results in The National ENQUIRER — on newsstands May 3rd!


Bill O’Reilly: Should He Have Been Fired Over Sex Scandals?
Cast your vote for the newsman's fate!

O'Reilly should have been fired.
O'Reilly should have been suspended.
O'Reilly should have kept his job.

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Some stars don't know when to go away, but others leave Hollywood too soon! Stars don't have to hit retirement age to end their careers, either. The following actors and actresses turned their backs on showbiz for a variety of reasons, but they still have their fervent fans. Cast your vote for who needs to get back in the spotlight!


Which Stars Need To Get Back To Work?

Rick Moranis
Gene Hackman
Amanda Bynes
Bridget Fonda
Phoebe Cates
Sean Connery

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The end of April is also the end of President Trump's First 100 Days! How's he doing? Make your choice from the selections below...

How's President Trump Doing?

Highly Approve
Total Failure