“LITTLE House on the Prairie” child star Alison Arngrim grew up in Hollywood – and she’s revealing the secrets of top TinselTown names on a cheeky LaLaLand bus tour.

The ENQUIRER tagged along as Alison, 51, shared her memo­ries of local landmarks, including Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood – where Michael Jackson was one of her classmates – the Paramount Studio lot where “Little House” was shot, and the Hollywood sign, where patrons can have their photos snapped with the star.

At the famed Beverly Hilton hotel, Alison told about the time she nearly started World War III with her “Little House” co-star Melissa Gilbert.

Alison played Melissa’s nemesis, nasty Nellie Oleson, on the beloved series – and in a real-life twist, she says she nearly ruined Melissa’s Sweet 16 birthday party at the hotel in 1980 by embarrassing her in front of hunky actor Erik Estrada with a crack about Melissa being on birth control.

“It was a big deal because she had a crush on him – and she still hasn’t forgiven me,” joked Alison – a stand-up comic who also tours the country with her one-woman show, “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch.”

When the 12-passenger tour mini-bus stopped at a swanky high-rise apartment complex just off Sunset Boulevard, the tart-tongued blonde revealed she’d lived there with her parents while working on “Little House,” and they had a “really lazy” neighbor.

“This guy used to lie by the pool all day long while his poor wife worked two jobs to keep him afloat,” Alison told the patrons, who paid $75 a ticket for the three-hour tour. “My mom was always asking, “Why doesn’t that lazy Kevin Costner get a job?’”

Another neighbor at another time was Liberace, who lived across the street. Alison’s fa­ther worked for him and gave her strict instructions never to let on that the late entertainer was gay.

“It was supposed to be kept hush-hush,” Alison said, “but even as an 8-year-old girl, I knew that man wasn’t straight!”