The wife of NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon is begging him to quit racing – because she’s terrified back spasms he’s been suffering will lead to a horrifying crash.

Jeff and his beautiful wife Ingrid Vandebosch are locked in heated arguments about the speed racer’s future, say sources close to the couple.

"Ingrid is beside herself with fear that Jeff will be gravely injured should one of these back spasms occur while he’s behind the wheel and he loses control," said an insider

."She feels he’s been lucky until now and wants him to get out from behind the wheel for good while he’s in one piece.

"Her fear is he’s tempting fate and wants him to retire at the end of this racing season."

But Ingrid is up against more than just Jeff’s reluctance to quit. NASCAR doesn’t want to let him go and is pulling out all the stops to keep its main attraction happy.

"It’s left Jeff in a family crisis – he wants to keep racing, but at the same time wants to make his wife happy," said the insider.

Ingrid, 39, and Jeff, 37, would both like to have another child – but Ingrid is reluctant to do so while she believes her husband is putting himself in jeopardy.

"Ingrid has told Jeff she’s ready to give their daughter Ella, who turns 2 in June, a baby brother or sister if he’s serious about quitting racing," divulged another source.

"Obviously, this is something that NASCAR can’t compete with – and Ingrid knows Jeff wants to be a daddy again."