AN ailing Nancy Reagan is furious over a shocking photo of her granddaughter posing with a man dressed as an al-Qaeda suicide bomber!

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Ashley Marie Rea­gan, grandchild of the late, beloved President Ronald Reagan, posted a picture of herself with an arm around a man who has a fake bomb strapped to his chest.

The unidentified man is wearing a white robe that covers the top of his head and a mask that’s a caricature of an Islamic terrorist, with a beard and large nose.

“Nancy is old but lucid enough to know that Ronnie would be spinning in his grave over the irresponsible behavior of his granddaughter,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER.

Ashley, 30, is the daughter of conservative talk-radio host Michael Reagan, Ronald’s adopted son. To make matters worse, the 30-year-old kindergarten teacher also serves as the office director of the Reagan Legacy Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing Reagan’s pet causes and memorializing his ac­complishments as president.

The incredibly tasteless picture was especially painful for 92-year-old Nancy because her husband was commander in chief during the 1983 terrorist attacks in Leba­non that killed more than 240 U.S. servicemen.

“Nancy is already extremely frail,” the source said, and the stress from this photo incident cannot have been good for her health.

Sadly, Nancy has been beset by many health problems, and in mid- July, The ENQUIRER reported she’s suffering from a lung disease that makes breathing difficult.

In the wake of the picture scan­dal, the former first lady can take solace in just one thing. Said the source: “Nancy’s glad that Ronnie didn’t live to see this disgrace.”