Fan fave NAKED CITY star NANCY MALONE, who was also a major TV producer and director, passed at age 79 in Los Angeles.

Nancy’s longtime rep, Harlan Boll, told media she passed from complications attributed to leukemia.

Nancy was born in Queens Village, new York City on March 19, 1935.

Nancy began her career as a child model and at age 10 appeared on Life magazine’s Tenth Anniversary cover as “The Typical American Girl”.

Malone made her Broadway debut at 17 co-starring with Melvyn Douglas in the comedy "Time Out for Ginger."

On the ground breaking 1960s TV series “Naked City” she played Detective Adam Flint (Paul Burke)’s sympathetic girlfriend, Libby Kingston, who was a working actress in the Big Apple.

Nancy’s was a familiar face across the landscape of 1960s TV making guest appearances on “Tarzan”, “Hawaii Five-O”, “Dr. Kildare”, “Hondo”, “Dan August” among many others.

Moving away from being in front of the camera Nancy produced the 1970s series "The Bionic Woman" and directed episodes of numerous TV shows, including "Melrose Place" and "Diagnosis Murder."

She later directed former costar Paul Burke in an ep of “Dynasty”.

In 1976, she became the first female vice-president of television at 20th Century Fox.

Nancy won an Emmy Award for producing “Bob Hope: The First 90 Years” and was nominated for Emmy Awards for directing – twice.

Nancy was also a co-founder of Women in Film.

There may have been a million stories in the “Naked City” but Nancy Malone’s story was uniquely  transcendent.