“How many 911 calls will it take for my daughter to realize she’s in love with a man who killed two people?”

Those are the anguished words of Cathy Bellmore, mother of O.J. Simpson’s leggy blonde girlfriend Christie Prody. In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Cathy fumed over yet another emergency visit from cops to her daughter’s apartment.

“This is a very sick relationship and it’s going to end in violence,” Cathy told The ENQUIRER.

“She admitted she has a love addiction to Simpson. She’d like to break this vicious and dangerous cycle,” but refuses to stay away from him, said Bellmore.

The latest outburst occurred outside Christie’s apartment complex at 10:30 p.m. on January 23.

“Simpson called and she wasn’t home, so he waited in the parking lot,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“When she pulled up in her white Ford Mustang convertible, he started yelling, ‘Where the hell you been? Who have you been screwing and doing drugs with? If I catch you with another guy, so help me God . . .’

“And Christie howled: ‘Don’t threaten me! You don’t own me!’ “

They raised such a fuss that someone yelled out a window, “Shut up!” and called the cops.

O.J. hopped in his SUV and drove off, screeching his tires. Christie went inside.

By the time police arrived, Christie told them not to worry, that her boyfriend was just upset she got home late. Cops handed her domestic abuse pamphlet and left.

The next day, Cathy spoke to her daughter. “She told me, ‘The only reason neighbors called the police is because it was O.J. Simpson,’ ” Cathy disclosed.

“And I told her, “No, Christie, the reason neighbors called the police is because he’s killed two people!’ “


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