“TEMPTATION ISLAND” was rocked by a revolt — and it changed the final outcome of the show!

“The last episode was completely changed by the men,” said an insider.

“Andy, Kaya and Billy staged a mutiny because they were tired of producers toying with their emotions. The three men rebelled and decided how THEY wanted the show to end.”

Each participant on the show got to go on five “dates” with a tempter or temptress of their choice during the course of the series’ seven episodes.

The final date, however, was set up by producers to be the most elaborate and romantic — and included sleeping accommodations so the participants could sleep together if they wanted to.

What you won’t see on TV is how the three men foiled producers’ hopes that they’d have sex on that final date.

“Andy, Billy and Kaya held a meeting behind the producers’ backs and away from cameras, where they made a secret pact to reject the ultimate temptation of having sex with their temptresses on the final date,” said the insider.

“The men thought that a happy fairy-tale ending, with them reuniting with their girlfriends, would garner the best TV ratings and give them the best shots at future acting careers.

“They decided that Andy would hook up with Elizabeth, Billy with Vanessa and Kaya with Alison.

“But the plan almost failed when Kaya nearly had sex with Alison!

“The only thing that stopped Kaya was that he didn’t have a condom.

“What he didn’t know was that the crew filming him had plenty on hand, and all he had to do was ask!

“The final episode shows Andy and Elizabeth on their final date at Maruba Resort. Andy told her about the secret plan to rig the ending, and she agreed to play along. She requested separate rooms at the hotel to make sure nothing naughty would happen.

“And Andy proposed to his girlfriend Shannon on the last day of filming. He got down on one knee in front of everyone, but insisted the event NOT be filmed.

“Billy’s last date with Vanessa was much the same as Andy’s. They flirted heavily in front of the cameras, but they had no real attraction for each other.

“In the end, Andy, Billy and Kaya got their wish — viewers will see the happy reunions of all three men with their girlfriends.”