Published on: April 19, 2010

In secret conversations with jailhouse pals, Casey Anthony carelessly revealed details about her daughter Caylee’s murder that only the killer would know. 

According to bombshell docu­ments released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office in Orlando, Casey’s biggest slip-up came on the day af­ter she learned a meter reader had found a child’s remains near her Orlando home in December 2008. 

A chaplain came to give Casey the news and told her that cops were going to do a DNA test to verify that the remains were Caylee. 

The next day, Casey had a tear-filled con­versation with fellow Orange County Jail inmate Robyn Adams, a rule-break­ing privilege facilitated by a friendly correc­tions officer. 

“She just said...the meter reader found (the body) in the woods by her parents’ house...and a baby blanket inside a black garbage bag,” Adams told police. “She was crying, and she was scared, very scared.” 

It was a “Sherlock Holmes mo­ment” for police. At the time, Casey couldn’t have known about the gar­bage bag or the blanket unless she had firsthand knowledge of them. 

“The information regarding the baby blanket and the black gar­bage bag was not made known to the jail chaplain,” lead Detec­tive Yuri Melich noted in a report. “So Casey Anthony had knowledge of items only the suspect, certain law enforcement personnel and cer­tain medical examiner’s personnel knew.” 

The fear Casey displayed to inmate Adams was in direct contrast to the lighthearted reac­tion she had after seeing a news report that searchers were looking for Caylee’s remains in the wrong area, far away from where the body was eventually found.

Casey "kinda giggled," Adams told investigators.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Chris Woehr, who was interviewing Adams, then asked: "Because she knew her daughter was somewhere else?"

"Um hmm...she kinda giggled," Adams repeated.

Corrections Officer Silvia Hernandez, who was later disciplined for allowing Casey's contacts with other inmates, also told police that Casey "knew where the baby was." Casey had told the guard: "They're not looking in the right's right in their face, but they're not looking in the right place."

Caylee's remains were less than a half-mile from the Anthony home.

Casey, 24, faces the death penalty when she goes to trial in May 2011.