Former Monkee Davy Jones secretly got married, but guests stayed away – fearing the bride might kill the groom!

The 63-year-old former teen idol married gorgeous 32-year-old Jessica Pacheco, a Telemundo TV star, despite the fact she has a shocking history of violence against him, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The two tied the knot Aug. 30 at her parents’ Miami home, following a courtship during which she allegedly beat up the 5-foot-3 singer and even cracked his rib with her shoe, charge sources.

"Davy admits Jessica’s violent with him, but she’s drop-dead gorgeous and has clearly captivated him," said a source who eyewitness-ed her hitting him. "He says, ‘It’s my life. I don’t want to be alone.’"

Exploding in a fiery rage, Jessica had "punched, scratched, kicked and bruised Davy," explained the eyewitness.

"She’s thrown things at him. I’ve seen the cuts, seen the injuries. And he never hits her back. He’s just the nicest guy.

"I have a journal she wrote, confessing to beating him. I’m keeping it to give to the police in case she kills him. She once cracked his rib with her shoe."

Conditions had gotten so bad that Davy’s four daughters recently planned to "rescue" him from her, said the pal. But it never took place because the on-again, off-again pair temporarily split up for six months but then Davy shocked everyone with the sudden wedding announcement.

The pal fears Davy has closed his eyes to danger.

"During a cruise," said the friend, Jessica exploded over an imagined slight "and got so psycho,  people had to hold her down."