Monkee Davy Jones survived his wedding and honeymoon despite claims that his much-younger bride beats him up – and The ENQUIRER has the exclusive interview to prove it!

Friends and relatives of the baby-faced ’60s pop star had warned him not to marry Cuban-American actress Jessica Pacheco because they charged she had a history of violence against the 63-year-old performer.

But Davy went ahead with the wedding, as The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed two weeks ago – and the groom looked happy AND healthy on his Bali honeymoon!

"Jessica IS the love of my life," Davy told The ENQUIRER. "I’ve never been so happy."

Sexy Jessica, 32, poked fun at the charges that she was abusive.

"After reading all the allegations, I have seriously thought about giving up acting and joining the WWF!" she joked to The ENQUIRER. "I’ve cared for and pampered David for the past three years – as he has me – because we love each other."

In our Sept. 21 issue, sources told The ENQUIRER that Davy’s four grown daughters refused to attend the wedding and had even planned an intervention to get their dad away from allegedly violent Jessica.

Davy insists that his daughters’ absence from the Aug. 30 affair was due to other commitments and that his oldest daughter, Talia, told him: "Dad, you have to follow your heart – if you’re happy, we’re happy