Monkees singer Davy Jones is an emotionally abused husband – that’s the shocking claim of an ex-employee of the former teen heartthrob and his much-younger wife, Telemundo actress Jessica Pacheco.

The couple has been married for only five months.

"The sex must be great. That’s the only reason I can imagine he would put up with this woman," said Elizabeth Cochran, who cared for Davy’s 11 horses and lived in a small guest cottage on his rambling, 15-acre Beavertown, Pa., estate.

"Jess screams at Davy and nit-picks him to death," Elizabeth told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

"If he drops crumbs from his mouth, she gives him hell. She’s even banned him from carrying money!"

Elizabeth says Davy’s Cuban-American bride, 32, is emotionally abusive, incredibly possessive and has forbidden the 64-year-old singer from seeing old friends.

"He just stays at home – with her. That’s where she wants him."

Elizabeth says Jess insists Davy bring her breakfast in bed every morning at 9 a.m., and then have the kitchen cleaned up before she gets downstairs.

"There’s always busy work to give him. He’s like a trained monkey on a leash."

Elizabeth says she quit because she was overworked and had very little time off.

But there is one area where the couple seems to be compatible, she says.

"Davy told me and my boyfriend: ‘I never had so much sex in my life – even when I was on the road with The Monkees!’"