The MONKEES suddenly cancel tour dates and the boys are enraged.  WE FIND OUT WHY!
Yesterday the 1960s Pre-Fab Four canceled their remaining tour dates on their US campaign but without explanation.
But drummer/vocalist MICKY DOLENZ’s rep touched out to media with a peace offering.
“Management had booked a number of dates with the venues without running them by the group first … so we had to cancel the remaining dates," the rep said.
"Micky is disappointed but his solo tour is still going strong for the rest of the year."
The Monkees tour was comprised of stalwart founders Mick, Peter Tork and Davy Jones
Original member Mike Nesmith hadn’t toured with the "Daydream Believers" in years as he is too busy with own projects.

Despite rumors the tour was deep-sixed because Micky checked himself into rehab for a substance abuse problem, the rep vigorously denied the claims.

 "It has nothing to do with any sort of substance abuse whatsoever."