WHEN family, friends and fans gather to remember beloved Monkee DAVY JONES one year after his tragic death, his young widow will be a no-show!

Flamenco dancer Jessica Pacheco, 35, will be hundreds of miles away performing on a Crown Princess cruise in the Caribbean, says a source.

“She says that’s what Davy would have wanted,” a source close to the shapely Latina beauty declares.

But others say the REAL reason Jessica’s snubbing the David T. Jones Memorial Monkees convention in East Rutherford, N.J., is that she’s locked in a bitter war with Jones’ four adult daughters over his $5 million fortune!

 “Jessica was not named in the will, which was dated March 30, 2004, and predated their marriage by more than five years,” says a source.

And attorney Andrew Mayoras, who is a specialist in inheritance, said that means Pacheco is “entitled to half of the estate under Florida law” even though she had taken steps to divorce the music legend in the months before he died!

At the time of his Feb. 29, 2012 death from a massive heart attack at age 66, Jones owned a ranch in Indiantown, Fla., a horse farm near Selinsgrove, Pa., and a luxury oceanfront condominium in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Other assets included royalties and rights to his likeness and tunes.

But just two weeks after the tragedy, Pacheco found herself facing off against Davy’s four daughters – Talia, 44, and Sarah, 41, with first wife Linda, and Jessica, 31, and Annabel, 24, with second wife Anita – over his estate.

A few days after the funeral, Talia, who’s named as the personal representative to administrate the estate, persuaded a judge to seal the will. She then seized possession  of the condo.

In July, Pacheco fired back, asking a judge to give her $7,500 from the estate to pay bills, which included the cost of Davy’s private funeral, and a flight from Miami to Jones’ native England to attend a memorial there.

Both sides still claim they’re owed money from the estate – and so are some other creditors. The case is still open.

Mayoras, co-author of “Trials & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!” said  the ugly family feud could have been avoided if Jones took proper legal steps before his death.

“When there are kids from prior marriages and when the latest spouse is much younger, it’s common for there to be bad blood that often leads to fighting,” he divulged.

And amid reports that Pacheco had taken action to divorce Jones in July 2011 – but later reconciled – the daughters have made it clear they have no sympathy for her financial plight.

“Davy’s girls have always had a grudge against Jessica,” says an insider. “They even refused to attend the wedding in 2009.”