Ex- Monkee Davy Jones flings dung, ignites flame war with former bandmates.

In a recent interview, Davy huffed that: Guitarist Mike Nesmith has his "head firmly up his a**"…bass player Peter Tork would pick a fight with fellow musicians if he were in a one-man band…and drummer Micky Dolenz won’t play drums anymore because he wants to be out front playing guitar.

Davy’s remarks made it clear that there’s no love lost between him and his former friends, who were not invited to his recent wedding to actress Jessica Pacheco.

Davy’s harshest words were reserved for Mike Nesmith.

"Mike has his head firmly up his ass!" Davy huffed. "He’s not an entertainer in the sense that Micky, Peter and I are. He has his back to the audience half the time."

While he called Mike "a brilliant businessman," he continued, "as a person, I haven’t got time for him. He’s very aloof and separate."

During the band’s heyday, Mike stayed in a separate hotel from the rest of the band, said Davy.

Peter is so disagreeable, Davy quips, "he joined a one-man band and gave it up over musical differences!"

Davy also said he "couldn’t imagine sharing the stage anymore with Micky Dolenz, who want to play the drums and wants to play the guitar at the front of the stage."

While Micky and Mike wouldn’t comment on Davy’s biting remarks, Peter Tork told The ENQUIRER he agrees with Davy’s estimation of Mike.

"I haven’t spoken to Mike in 10 years," said Peter. "We’re not even Facebook friends. But I do have more friends on Facebook than he does."

All four Monkees have not performed together since1997 and a future reunion seems unlikely.

Says Davy: "It’s not a case of dollars and cents. It’s a case of satisfying yourself. I don’t have anything to prove. The Monkees proved it for me."