Looks like Kim Cattrall‘s lusty character Samantha on “Sex and the City” was on to something — a new study finds that making love is better than making money when it comes to making you happy.

Economics researchers David Blachflower of Dartmouth College and Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick in England came to that conclusion after analyzing the data from a survey of 16,000 people.

Not surprisingly, they found that those who have sex are usually in a much better mood than those who don’t.

But they also discovered that making love is so important to happiness that sleeping with a lover once a week instead of once a month is equal to the bliss you get from being given $50,000.

Ironically, while Kim’s fictional character on the HBO series certainly had a lot of affairs, the people having the most sex in real life — and the most happiness — are married folks.

The economists estimate that marriage is like getting a $100,000 bonus each year, while divorce is like losing $66,000.

“The evidence we see is that money brings some amount of happiness, but not as much as what economists might have thought,” says Blachflower. “Other things (like sex) really matter.”