WITH her showbiz career already crashing, BRISTOL PALIN is now spend­ing her free time making life miserable for her deadbeat baby daddy LEVI JOHNSTON!

An Alaska court recently closed Bris­tol and Levi’s custody case involving their 3-year-old son, Tripp, due to “lack of activity,” forcing the former couple to work out their differences on their own. BUT the newly unemployed sin­gle mom – who was eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” on Oct. 16 – has no intention of working anything out, especially since Levi still owes her tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support, say sources.

“Levi doesn’t have a real job, so at first Bristol thought it might be best to just let him pay when he could,” a fam­ily member told The ENQUIRER. “She was hoping he would man up and pay, but so far that hasn’t hap­pened.”

Rubbing salt into the financial wounds, Levi has found love with 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby. The two welcomed baby daughter Breeze Beretta on Sept. 13, and they tied the knot on Oct. 28 dur­ing an intimate ceremony at scenic Settlers Bay Lodge in Wasilla, Alaska.

“Bristol has nothing going on right now – she’s single and has no jobs lined up – so she’s harassing Levi and Sunny,” said the source. “Their wed­ding has really gotten under her skin. Bristol may say she’s over Levi, but she always held out hope that they would end up together.”

Meanwhile, Levi and Sunny hoped to have Tripp become an integral part of his little sister’s life, but the source says bitter Bristol is going out of her way to make sure the tyke and his new sister spend as little time together as possible.

“Levi may be a loser, but he was Bris­tol’s first true love and the father of her son,” said the source. “The thought of him walk­ing down the aisle with Sunny really struck a nerve.

“Now Bristol doesn’t know what she wants. And until she figures it out, her mission is to make sure Levi pays for everything she feels he’s done to her.”