MINNIE DRIVER and her boyfriend Josh Brolin have split up, just months before they were to be married in a spectacular star-studded ceremony.

The 30-month romance between the British actress and Brolin — son of actor James Brolin and stepson of Barbra Streisand — came to an end by mutual agreement, friends say.

“He didn’t dump her, she didn’t dump him,” said a source close to the family. “Their careers were taking them in different directions and they were spending more and more time apart.

“It had become obvious to Minnie and Josh their relationship had just run its course.”

The couple had met on the set of the movie “Slow Burn,” and had been living together on a ranch at Paso Robles, Calif. A few months ago Brolin bought Minnie a sparkling sapphire and diamond ring for their engagement and she began talking about having babies and playing mom to Brolin’s two kids, Trevor, 13, and Eden, 7.

There was talk of a grand wedding planned by diva Streisand at her Malibu compound and of her writing a special song to the couple she was so devoted to. But as friends and relatives looked forward to the big day, feathers were flying between the lovebirds.

Minnie’s real first name is Amelia.

“The couple has always kept the relationship out of the limelight but it’s been a very rocky romance for a long time now,” an insider close to Minnie revealed. “Minnie couldn’t take Josh’s jealous ways. He can be incredibly possessive of the time Minnie spends with her friends — both male and female. He wanted her to himself.

“Minnie is a social butterfly who loves to travel, act and sing. But Josh is a quiet stay-at-home guy who wanted Minnie to hole up alone with him.

“They realized they’re very different and neither would be happy in the long run if they went through with the wedding.”