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Miley Cyrus mania continues unabated.  Her new album Breakout is Numero Uno on the pop charts selling $371,000 copies. 

Amazingly, it’s her first studio album not to feature the words "Hannah" and "Montana".  It is released via Disney, though.

And in the wake of Vanity Fair pic scandal, alleged nudie web shots, and home made YouTube diss-es, to further propel sales, Miley, 15, said in a recent interview that the Hannah Montana franchise is coming to an end.

Not so, say reps.

Hannah Montana starts production on a third season August 4 and has been optioned for a fourth.

Yet another Hannah Montana movie is scheduled for a spring 2009 release.

Cyrus also has reportedly been offered a $1mill deal to star in a series of adverts for LifeStyles condoms despite repeated assertions of virginity.

Not to mention Hugh Hefner’s offer to pose for Playboy when she’s of age.

Evidently nothing sells discs and ticks like a whole lotta media ballyhoo, right Miley?